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I am once again impressed by the content and tone of the comments on this provocative piece. Thank you all for creating a forum for the respectful exchange of ideas. This is has always been my motivation for creating this substack.

Several readers have brought up the work of Dr. Judy Wood. I appreciate her efforts. I appreciate that she is able to separate fact from speculation. As someone who took 16 years to question the official explanation I am very impressed by the fact that she knew immediately that we were being lied to and that she did not hesitate to make her position known.

Could it have been a directed energy weapon? Absolutely. However, as I am sure she would acknowledge, it is impossible to know with certainty. I am not an expert in such technology. It would be irresponsible for me to opine on this. I am sad to see the truth movement become internally at odds over things we cannot know for sure.

My interest is to create curiosity about what we were told. This is a tall order because asking questions about this event immediately leads to very dark places. This is why my approach has been to separate what can be known from guesswork. This was the strategy I used four years ago: identify the impossibilities of the official explanation and then identify the improbabilities. It is our inability to distinguish the two that keeps us locked in our loyalty to the official narrative.

Many who discount the 9/11 truth movement use the sole argument that too many people would have been involved in such a cover up. It would be impossible for such a thing to be kept secret.

It is not impossible. It is only improbable. There is a world of difference between the two. 80 years ago tens of thousands of people were peripherally involved in the creation of the A-bomb. Very few knew what the big picture was. Truman was unaware of the Manhattan project until the day after FDR died.

This leads to the question, where are the whistleblowers? Surely someone would have come forward! It is not so hard to keep people quiet. There are carrots (several high ranking members of NIST involved in their pseudo investigation obtained large promotions). There are sticks (undoubtedly these same folks were threatened with retribution if they asked too many questions). But that is not the real leverage point. Whoever was responsible for this heinous event clearly controls the media. What would be the point in coming forward if you will be vilified? It is the media that determines whether a person is a whistleblower or a nut-job looking for publicity. The absence of whistleblowers does not prove there was no conspiracy.

Finally there is the question of planes. First it is vital to see that approaching someone who may be open to hearing an alternative explanation will shut down their inquiry if they hear that no planes hit the buildings. If you happen to believe there were no planes I suggest using a different approach.

Second, the movie "September Clues" offers "official" video that shows the nose cone of the second plane emerging intact on the other side of the building. This is clearly impossible. But how are we to verify that this is an authentic video of what was shown on TV? Could it be counterintelligence designed to drive the "no plane" hypothesis to confuse the public even more? I certainly don't know.

This brings up another very important point. Some people believe that aluminum planes could never slice through steel beams. This is untrue. Though the strength of steel and concrete is much greater than aluminum, it doesn't mean that a collision of sufficient energy couldn't destroy steel and concrete. This is easily demonstrated by the pictures we see of plane nose cones severely damaged by collisions with seagulls offered as proof that aluminum fuselage is no match for steel. "Look how fragile planes are!" Yes, they are fragile. But why did a bird do such damage to them? It is the energy of impact that determines what gets destroyed. A peanut hitting a steel plate with sufficient velocity will leave a dent.

The point here is that when a plane hits steel, the steel may be destroyed. But if the steel gets destroyed, the plane will be too. This is certain. This is important because there was very little left of the plane to damage the central columns, something necessary to destroy the twin towers.

So what, if anything, struck the twin towers? I don't know. I am quite confident that it wasn't two commercial airplanes flown by jihadists with single engine licenses on a suicide mission. Whoever orchestrated this tragedy would have never banked on the fact that they wouldn't lose their nerve or that they would assuredly hit their targets with pinpoint accuracy. The entire op would have failed if one of those things occurred.

I now speculate...

61 years ago the military hawks surrounding JFK suggested an operation that would make it seem like an American civil aircraft was shot down by Cuban MIG fighters in order to create a pretense for a military invasion of Cuba. The civilian aircraft would be boarded by operatives with aliases. Midflight, their transponder would shut off and be replaced by one transmitted from a drone craft painted to look the civilian plane. The craft with operatives aboard would land at Elgin AFB while the drone would be intentionally crashed. Thus it would be easy to create the story that the Cuban military took hostile action against American civilians.

This devious plan was called "Operation Northwoods". JFK wouldn't go along with it, but the similarities between this proposal and what might have happened on 9/11 are hard to miss.

How do we know this plan was suggested? Here is the link to the document obtained via a FOIA request (read page 10 of the annex):


Of course I have no idea if this was the strategy used. However, this document is proof of the pure psychopathy behind the war machine back then which is assuredly alive and well today.

So then, what happened to the people aboard the four planes that were hijacked? If they followed this plan, the pilots and flight attendants on these planes were "operatives". They landed the planes secretly on various airbases. The passengers were offered apologies for the inconvenience. They were told they were part of a very real military exercise involving simulated attacks from commercial jet planes and they would be on their way very soon.

Meanwhile some sort of military craft was remotely guided with pinpoint accuracy to each twin tower.

The passengers were instructed to call their loved ones to let them know that had been hijacked and that the culprits were of middle eastern descent. This would explain how these cellphone calls were completed in 2001. But why were they instructed to do this?

Answer: This would offer powerful eyewitness testimony that would be hard to contest. There was a hijacking. The perpetrators were jihadists. What happened to them next is up to you to decide...

Again. I am only speculating.

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Your “Welcome to the Club of No Return” moment was the same as mine: seeing WTC 7 collapsing for the first time (4 years after 9/11.)

It was stunningly obvious even to someone whose structural engineering experience was confined to collapsing sand castles on the beach.

Like you, my most profound surprise was the dismissive and/or hostile reactions of intelligent friends and family.

By the time the Plandemic was initiated I understood far more about the human mind’s need to “understand” (aka BE TOLD WHAT TO BELIEVE.) The designers of both events leveraged a human psychological glitch. They did it brilliantly.

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An insult to average intelligence also: the most commonly perceivable discrepancies in the official 9/11 narrative attest to the undeniable fact that most people make up their minds first, then process evidence selectively to corroborate the narratives that best support their existential need for external assurances of safety. Those who saw- and continue to clearly discern personally inconvenient truths, can be said to be the most courageous and honest (the least self-deceiving) among humans.

I didn't judge those who didn't see 9/11 for what it was: controlled demolition...But I did notice that the sudden, derogatory use of term 'conspiracy theorist' came from what seemed a deliberate distortion and demonization of the term. Why not conspiracy hypothesis? The mind imposes its own limitations on everything it sees, but intuition doesn't. The mere notion of Conspiracy Theorist (what is so derogatory about someone who hypothesizes conspiracy?) is an imposted limitation onto everything the mind doesn't want to see.

But I did judge those who didn't see the pandemic for the falsity that it was. And my judgments nearly destroyed me... yet I learned that the horrors of the last 3 years effectively woke me up to- and "saved me" from -the toxicities of a judging mind.

When confronted with horrible pain, including the pain of fear, the opportunity to up-level our consciousness is more precious than anything that could be lost through unfortunate incidents or catastrophic events. The alternative is to sell one's soul to the devil (to the self-deception of denial) for the tenuous promise of peace from an illegitimate promise of safety.

That's where I find my peace amidst the tragic events in this debilitating, 'changing world.' A non-judging mind can find guilt nowhere to exist... and that feels like the last step into complete freedom from fear. Mourn the pain but bless the fruit of 9/11, bless the fruit of the pandemic, bless the horrors yet to come, for they will strengthen those who have the courage to use the opportunities therein, rather than to collapse to the fear mongering imperatives "to comply for the safety of all."

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I’m feeling sad at the multitude of losses. The lives lost here and around the world. The loss of faith in the media, government and institutions. The loss of a shared reality with others. The loss of friends. The loss of voice. The loss of trust. The loss of hope. For me, 9/11 symbolizes the day our music died. But, we survived and our spirit wasn’t extinguished. In the face of all this darkness, your bravery and truth telling are incredibly inspiring. There are many losses, but much to celebrate. I’m thankful for waking up, seeing the truth, discovering strengths, and learning to trust my eyes and mind in the face authoritative propaganda. We are in dark times but I will continue to have faith, hope and love. Thank you for the strength brother!

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Recommending "The Trigger" by David Icke. Twenty-five years ago, I thought the man a bit mad, but NO!...He is quite freakin' sane, as are you, Dr Setty. Happy birthday to your son; its my sister's birthday, too. My brother was one of the brave men who cleaned up that murderous disaster. Like losing JFK, we will remember exactly where we were....

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there was no cell reception from above 5000 ft in 2001. so no one could have made a cell phone call from those planes. No plane parts or bodies...from the Pentagon 911 event or the Pennsylvania 911 event. none in Manhattan either.

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Your intuition was right on target Dr Setty. While it was plain as day for some of us who questioned it that something very ominous was afoot between 2001 and 2020, so many people were sound asleep in the Twilight Zone, unaware that all was not as it appeared. They often would roll their eyes and shake their heads at the mere thought that 9/11 was not what the smiling talking heads fed them.

But the plandemic with its ridiculous protocols based on foolishness followed by the massive mRNA marketing ploy was enough to cause a growing number of us to start to question everything including 9/11, geo-engineering, the 5G menace and even the climate agenda as a Trojan horse leading to a New World Order. Seeing how many Substack readers I’ve run into in the comments sections who are keen to learn about these serious threats despite the hidden denial created by the corrupt media, you get a feeling people are waking up in droves. As far as I’m concerned, it can’t happen fast enough.

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Wow! This is a hell of an eye opener. Before seeing this I was very skeptical about bldgs 1 and 2 and 50/50 on bldg 7. I didn’t go through all of this but at this point I’m convinced about all 3. Thank you for putting this together! Keep up the great work!

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Long-in-the-making manipulated events have been attributed to random, unrelated acts, when they are, in truth, premeditated attacks - heinous and unthinkable crimes against humanity - meant to dismantle the foundation of contemporary systems and cultures to achieve enough upheaval to "reset" this planet's tier of hierarchies toward totalitarian control.

The underpinnings of these attacks are imbedded in so many layers of tyranny and deceit that the degrees of "deep darkness" defy inspection and discovery. The lynchpin perpetrators function in a war-room of think-tank strategy, while we fastidiously seek every crumb and clue. Our efforts are noble, and results forthcoming, but they cannot keep up with the veil of secrecy that eludes painstaking illumination. It is not difficult to visualize scenarios involving formidable technology and science, engineered as weapons, should enough critical mass develop in our efforts to push back.

It was inconceivable - the takedown of edifices of power and wealth, a shocking 22 years ago. Like other atrocities in history, accounts of events will be rewritten to propagandize a generation of youth who were not yet born when we watched the unthinkable unfold.

You have a choice: Move through events in a delusional fear-induced coma - indifferent or oblivious - or face, head-on, the choking asphyxia of truthful accounts of all such events with eyes open. If the pending cataclysm were news of a comet hurtling toward us, it would not one-up the prospect of our impending battle against the forces of evil.

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I'm dumbfounded. I knew nothing about any of this. I was busy with young children at the time - and on the west coast. I'm a skeptic these days about all our institutions and never believed the WMD narrative but I've never run across this information before. I'll have to learn more. Thanks for providing.

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The videos that played over and over and over on the news....created the narrative...about planes. A friend who lived and worked right there during this event....said NO ONE spoke about planes or saw any planes.....only explosions were discussed. Also roads were blocked, cell phones stopped working, people were trapped in town...just like in Lahaina. Then there was a lockdown....and you were not supposed to travel out of the area ...as shared by this friend.

David Icke did a very good expose on this with Foster Gamble on his Freedom Portal show. Which is now called Free to Thrive.


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Curious if you have seen book or newer video by Dr. Judy Wood, "Where Did the Towers Go?" She covers some of the same subjects you wrote about. I read every word of that book; studied every photo. Her premise is directed energy weapons, but in the book she only states facts. Absolute proof. Astonishing. I show the book to people and explain things and they look defensive and refuse to believe it. Sigh.

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No, the truth about 9-11 will never die, just as "who really killed President Kennedy," will never be forgotten. These notes of dissent, may live on as rhetorical questions rather than actual answers, since there will likely be no firm consensus on exactly who was behind either, but the official account will always be shadowed by these alternate theories and "conspiracy" does mean "an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime" so we mustn't be afraid to use the term since it's accurate, despite its manipulated implication of standing outside the norms of society when doing so.

A few months ago i bought Dr. Judy Wood's book, Where Did the Towers Go?: Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11. It is a heavy hardcover, printed on photo paper since it is filled with photographic evidence from the scene, as well as graphs and charts. Dr. Wood doesn't make absolute conclusions, she only shows the actual evidence, organized by the obvious questions, against a backdrop of normal reality, so the reader can begin to see the truth for themselves rather than be swept up in the wave of unconscious collusion among all those who allow the propaganda to drive their perception and see nothing wrong with the picture. See also her YouTube channel: youtube.com/@911EmpiricalEvidence

Personally, i have my own theory which does satisfy some of the difficult issues raised by Dr. Wood. i believe the "directed energy" that must have been used to turn masonry and steel to fine dust while in free fall, came from the ground and was concentrated w/in the "bathtub", a 'container' of concrete walls that WTC buildings 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 & 6 were built w/in, and which kept the sea water from inundating their substructures. WTC-7 was outside the bathtub and i believe it was taken down in a different way, not with the directed energy that came from the ground. It's possible Building 7 was a conventional controlled demolition, since it did leave the expected pile of debris. Building 7 was destroyed conventionally so as to create an incongruity and detract from the esoteric means used to take down the towers and the other buildings in the bathtub. (All the WTC buildings in the bathtub were affected by the esoteric energy, even though they might not have completely collapsed like the towers did.)

On the live feed on TV, an official even announced before Building 7 came down, that they were "pulling it" (conventionally blowing it up), so as to make it seem all of the other buildings were similarly taken down, as they expected theories to come up along these lines. They introduced this conventional incongruity to prevent people believing it was something more esoteric -- likely scalar pulses transmitted underground -- since this technology is top secret. They expected those who did not fall for the official explanation of burning fuel from the planes, would assume all the buildings must have come down by the same alternate means -- the most reasonable being how Building 7 was "pulled", despite the fact that controlled demolition is not able to pulverize metal into fine dust.

But we are now seeing the same esoteric technology being applied in Lahaina, the wildfires over the last decade in Calif., as well as probably the fires which started all at the same time on June 2nd, in northern Quebec. Compare the evidence of the burned out cars with melted metal and glass, while plastics and rubber components were untouched -- in Lahaina https://reinettesenumsfoghornexpress.substack.com/p/lahaina-a-modern-day-pearl-harbor ; the Calif. wildfires https://youtu.be/mHeoaIh7cx8 ; as well as the "weird cold fires" in cars that were observed on streets around the WTC complex (see Dr. Wood's videos). Many of the witnesses in the recent wildfires have also described the fires coming up from the ground.

Another piece of testimonial evidence that it was esoteric energy from the ground, was provided by the manager of maintenance in one of the WTC towers, who was on a mission for a while, to make people aware of what he witnessed 15 minutes before the first plane (supposedly) hit. In one of the subbasements he encountered one of his workers and saw that all the skin on his body had started to peel of. This was before anything else on 9-11 was noticed as being out of the ordinary. Esoteric energy which causes people's skin to peel off and which must be very painful, is also a plausible explanation for the hundreds of jumpers who leapt out of the towers' windows apparently impelled to do so to try to avoid something even more immediately unbearable, than the prospect of their own death.

The esoteric nature of the destruction of the buildings on 9-11 is also in-line with the weird behaviour of the hurricane which was stalled just off Manhattan on that day (and which was not even mentioned in weather reports at the time, but was being measured and studied intensely by hurricane researchers). After the buildings came down, the hurricane made a sudden shift to the northeast, as if impelled by some great and unexplained force. Some have even suggested that the hurricane was being mined for the energy which then took down the buildings, and that after it was no longer needed, it was quickly sent on its way.

Who was directing this esoteric energy, and how was it done, is something that will need to be researched further and all the many disparate clues taken into consideration. But it's interesting to see where the truth currently stands, with regard to 9-11 as compared with Kennedy's assassination. The book on the latter, that is being recommended by RFK Jr., JFK and the Unspeakable, lays out all the research since 1963 that has yielded up the picture of what actually happened. Basically, as is concluded by the author, James Douglass, we do now have an extremely cogent and convincing understanding of who really killed Kennedy and how they did it, primarily due to the many witnesses who came forward despite threats and reprisals, one person even accepting being committed to a mental asylum for the rest of his life, rather than retracting his testimony of what he had witnessed.

9-11 was certainly a much bigger operation than a couple of CIA spooks on a grassy knoll with a sniper's rifle, but where are all the whistleblowers today, for what they must obviously be aware, is the small part they did witness about how 9-11 was set up, or its aftermath covered up ? Very few people today, seem willing to let the truth as they know it, stand against all odds-- just because it is the truth, and because they believe truth can only be upheld by everyone's personal commitment to it.

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NO planes hit those towers. No plane can go right through and come out the other side. The video that shows a Road Runner type cartoon with a dark area the shape of a plane on the opposite side where a plane supposedly went through. REALLY????? Impossible......Impossible.

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Only after multiple exposures - like 15 - from a pressing,"crazy" uncle was I able to be objective, bldg 7 collapse and the video on youtube with all the engineers was what finally opened my eyes. Your MIT engineer bros will be idiots for the next 14 exposures.... overcoming narrative is a major psych hurdle, that is detested at first....

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