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What bothers me the most is when you said most of your medical colleagues, believe that the scamdemic was handled well, and that it’s the sceptics that caused the problems. I had so much trust in the medical system and doctors, and that’s gone now. I’m praying for Dr. Nass And many others like her.

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I am a fan of yours. Thanks for this piece - an example of the law of opposites. By suspending Meryl's license they freed up her time to do this work and created a platform for them to embarrass themselves. I watched several of the hearings. I am working on the psychological dimensions - propaganda, manipulation of fear and demystification. I am recent friend of Meryl and old friend of Josh - whom I interviewed in 2004 and quoted in "Silence of the Scams: Psychological Resistance to Facing Election Fraud" - similar to psychological resistance to facing this betrayal. I reconnected with after I saw a piece he wrote on Meryl's analysis of HCQ. I cherish each of my allies on this incredible journey. I hope to cross paths with you some day. I am a clinical and political psychologist with a specialty in psychoneuroimmunology and Jungian training as well.

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I am a retired Nurse Practitioner from Michigan. I was in Arizona in early 2020 and received an email from LARA the licensing and regulatory agency in Michigan informing physicians and mid level prescribers that (summarizing) they had seen an increase in prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for treatment of COVID-19 for ourselves, our families & friends and that it was not an approved treatment and that if this continues our license(s) would be sanctioned. I decided that well, it must work and I went to Mexico and purchased enough for our entire family if needed. This previously cheap, inexpensive medication now cost $70 per treatment at bid dosing for 7 days because it was not available in the States.

Yes, in 12/2020, I contracted COVID. I began feeling fatigued with a headache. 48 hours later, I awoke in the night with a 102.8° fever, pounding headache, fatigue and malaise. I took HCQ 200 mg, zinc 50 mg and azithromycin 500 mg. 6 hours later when I next awoke, all symptoms were improving and I was only symptomatic for fatigue for about 10 more days. I know that if used appropriately and early, it prevents worsening disease and hospitalization.

I was not as astute when it came to these vaccines, however. I took both initial doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine. I have since developed a cardiac arrhythmia and have to take a beta blocker to control it. This leaves me with bradycardia but it at least controls the symptoms. I have been so frustrated trying to get a cardiac MRI and have been told the arrhythmia is probably related to my age. However, prior to the experimental vaccine, I have never had a cardiac problem. When the arrhythmia started I was experiencing chest pressure and tightness with a normal EKG, normal troponins and normal D-dimer. I’m positive I had myocarditis. I don’t know if I’m more upset with myself for believing the garbage about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines or the criminals who lied about them. I just know that my level of trust in the government & the medical community is gone. I will never have another vaccination, I will not wear a mask and I will not socially distance ever again. No one in my family will ever have another COVID vaccine. I have been following Dr. Nass since her license was first suspended. I appreciate her efforts to get valuable and life saving information out to the general public. I also appreciate her willingness to fight against medical tyranny.

I don’t understand why more people aren’t questioning why the government, licensing agencies and medical institutions are going after physicians who tried to save lives.

June Stefanko

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Madhava, what an insightfully illuminating paean for Meryl, thank you. I sense you were animated by her spirit. Your inspired and inspiring words have the breath of life and prompted this praise and moral support for you both.

As an anesthesiologist, you certainly must be one of the most awake from the Nightmare of History, congratulations for braving the pain!

Concerning your angst as a doctor witnessing how most of your fellow practitioners have taken the Hypocrisy Oath (see “Hippocrasy: How doctors are betraying their oath” https://www.amazon.com.au/Hippocrasy-doctors-betraying-their-oath/dp/1742237355?presearch08f-20 ), I suggest you bite the stethoscope and accept that a majority of U.S. physicians did not have much autonomy (or humanity) to hold on to—witness Vinay Prasad and Zubin Damania, police dogs (ZDogg) for the CDC.

About that Trust Factor, begin with the U.S. government, add the experts, and heed Voluntaryist Robert Higg’s warning:

“The beginning of political wisdom is the realization that despite everything you’ve always been taught, the government is not really on your side; indeed, it is out to get you. The mass belief in the general beneficence of democracy represents a kind of Stockholm syndrome writ large. We shall never have real, lasting peace so long as we give our allegiance to the whole conglomeration of institutionalized exploiters and murderers we know as the state.”

And Yes, Meryl’s outlier voice is valuable and rare and it is good that sincere writer-friends like you have the talent and care enough to megaphone it to the world. So thank you, again. Meryl and you can take refuge in Kris Kristofferson’s lyrics:

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”



Finally, reading about Meryl, who she is, and getting a sense of her steadfast courage, towering integrity and unremitting responsibility for the real Hippocratic Oath and freedom, I was drawn to this favorite passage of the English translation of Stefan Zweig’s “Montaigne”. In a sense, you are a Zweig to her Montaigne.

I hope it speaks to and for her and those relatively few doctors such as you Who Do No Harm and Much Good.

“In such epochs where the highest values of life—our peace, our independence, our basic rights, all that makes our existence more pure, more beautiful, all that justifies it—are sacrificed to the demon inhbiting a dozen fanatics and ideologues, all the problems of the man who fears for his humanity come down to the same question: how to remain free? How to preserve the incorruptible lucidity of my spirit faced with all the threats and dangers of sectarian turmoil? How to keep humanity intact in the throes of bestiality? How to escape the tyrannical demands that the state and Church seek to impose on me? How to protect that unique part of my soul against enforced submission to rules and measures dictated from outside? How to safeguard the deepest region of my spirit and its matter which belongs to me alone, my body, my health, my thoughts, my feelings, from the danger of being sacrificed to the deranged prejudices of others, to serve interests which are not my own?

It is to this question and this question alone that Montaigne dedicated his life and his strength. It is for this love of liberty that he observes himself, watches over, experiences and criticizes every movement and every sensation. And this quest, which he undertakes to safeguard his soul, his liberty, at a moment of universal servility before ideologies and parties, makes him today a brother to us, more intimate than any other artist. If we love and honour him today more than any other, it is because he devoted himself more than any other to the most sublime art of living: “rester soi-même” [be yourself, remain yourself, be true to yourself].*” Montaigne by Stefan Zweig, p.24

Get free, stay safe.

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That's our Nass. Full of intelligence, wisdom, bravery, kindness , caring, energy and truth, and devoid of arrogance, hubris, greed and other undesirable agendas. God bless you Meryl!

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Thank you for bringing Dr. Nass's story to light. Until there is a regime change in America, there is no way to combat the WHO or the for-profit health industry. So I urge everyone to vote with that in mind. Don't fall for the candidates whose financial ties are embedded in with pharma, weapons or tech. Period. They will not bite the hand that feeds them.

In addition, we each have a responsibility to keep speaking out against this tyranny and put your money behind the brave grassroots organizations supporting the movement toward sanity. Heaven help us if we lose our first amendment rights. We've already lost our privacy rights.

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Once again, a very well-written, illuminating, and heartfelt essay. Thank you, sir.

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Thank you for sharing such an inspiring report about Dr Nass who many of us have gotten to hear, read and follow over the last three years. She’s been fighting the battle for integrity and sanity for a long time but the fiasco I call Stupid 19 has been a wake up call that keeps growing louder. Perhaps the one thing that this all has brought to our attention is who are humanity’s true heroes. And Dr Meryl Nass is certainly one. May there be many more to follow.

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Hi Madhava, I am an MD who would have liked to join you for dinner. I use this pseudonym on Substack to help alleviate my fear of losing my job for speaking my mind.

I am interested in trying to communicate with doctors and healthcare workers in a way that is accessible to them, but in my day to day at the clinic, everyone is so exhausted from the work of serving the poor. There is no available bandwidth for people to consider even greater horrors that I have been learning about on substack from authors like you and Meryl.

That recent JAMA paper highlights my fear of being persecuted for revealing my opinions publicly. On another level, I know that the real strength is in numbers. I am less afraid as more of my peers step up. But choosing to jeopardize my license should be consciously strategic and not vainly sacrificial. I’m speaking what I imagine other doctors may be thinking too.

I have a Kennedy sign in my yard and I am publicly pro-Kennedy on twitter where I use my real name. I participate in Charles Eisenstein’s online program and I’m doing what I can to find safe(ish) ways to steer people to truth and understanding.

Thanks to you and Meryl for your courage and leadership.

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David and Goliath. goD loves a nail-biter. Time for all the big strong men to stand with the brave sacred feminine warriors that are leading the way.

This is a call to: Become a street healer. Soul connector. Demon banisher. Christic oil triggerman. Anointer. Revelator. Self-healing reminder.

"We can all find Truth, because we all have the energetic gateways within ourselves that are necessary for accessing Truth.

And because psychic senses are predicated on self awareness, sovereignty, and personal responsibility, the only reason it seems incompatible with $cience is because $cience is not interested in fostering these qualities in the human population.

To acquire Gnosis is to invoke one’s intrinsic freedom to think, and to choose, for oneself — rather than passing this responsibility off to someone else, in the hopes that it will save one from embarrassment, disgrace, or that dreadful, ego-crushing feeling of being wrong."

I said what I said. - Alicen Grey

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Dear Dr Setty,

YOU and Dr Nass are amazing. Thank you for being the critical thinkers and truth tellers that you are. I am a non-materialist scientist, & have never trusted the government in the first place but was quite rudely awakened further ten years ago by the WTF changes taking place in the medical field, in agriculture, etc....BUT these crazy last three years have brought us the gift of substack and the essays written by you and the others who see things clearly. This was a wonderful essay. Thank you!

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This is such a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing. Meryl's equanimity and fearlessness come through beautifully.

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May God and his army of angels watch over her .

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Hi Madhava,

I love your work, and some of the information you have written about (like 9/11 and ET beings) really blows my mind. But I have to respectfully disagree with you about a pharmacist not having to know the indication for a prescribed drug. I am a pharmacist in Australia (I lost my job because of the vaccine mandates and to this day I still cannot practice in the public hospital system in the state I live in), and here part of my job is absolutely knowing an indication for a medication prescribed for a patient (especially an antibiotic) so that I am able to determine if the dose prescribed is appropriate for that patient. It's not necessary to ask all the time, but for drugs that have different dosages for different indications, it is required to know that. And doctors can and do get it wrong I have to say. Maybe a pharmacist role is a bit different in the US, but my job is to ensure a drug is safe for a patient, we are the check point between the patient and doctor, and sometimes we can't do that without knowing an indication.

Keep up the good work!


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We had the same reaction to the Proximal Origins paper. It was immediately evident that the conclusion did not follow from the reasoning; it was a feeble straw-man debunk of the sort we've gotten very used to over the last several years.

Neither of us had a science education, and this was the first paper of this sort we'd examined, though spotting BS in such articles would become a full-time occupation, since it was the reason we were stuck in seclusion.

There's a LOT of really obvious faulty reasoning in these papers.

It boggles the mind that anyone would read this paper, having been "educated" in logic, reason, and the principles of composition, and come away with the impression that this hasty denial was honest science. Anyone who fell for this scam needs to reevaluate what they actually "learned" in those years of study, because it sure isn't critical thinking.

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Great post elucidating the truth about one (of many) true heroes left in this country being persecuted and censored for doing what is right. Ms Nass is fearlessly willing to speak the truth, from her experienced and knowledgeable perspective, much like her presidential candidate choice in 2024. Since virtually all of this nonsense in govt is beyond my (or anyone's) control, I'm only left praying for her and for change that RFK JR could bring to US politics .. and the future health of humanity

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