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I really appreciate your piece and fearlessness in diving into LoO and Sam the Illusionist. Your intellectual rigor is a breath of fresh air. I just finished reading a Neil deGrasse Tyson post that provides astonishingly mind bending stats on the great pyramids. Then w/o evidence Tyson jumps to the conclusion, ‘No, it’s not aliens, just Advanced Ancient Tech’. Sadly, that’s the sorry state of science these days. If it fits the prevailing narrative, no evidence needed. While I’m not 100% sold on Ra and Sam, they are worthy of serious discussion. I’m looking forward to listening to your interview on CE with Joe. Thanks for making a great leap into big questions! Thanks for posting the link.

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I appreciate this discussion and the link to Law of One so I can listen for myself. What comes to mind is a line from Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass " From this hour I ordain myself loos'd of limits and imaginary lines,

Going where I list, my own master total and absolute,

Listening to others, considering well what they say,

Pausing, searching, receiving, contemplating,

Gently, but with undeniable will, divesting myself of the holds that would hold me." To read more of Walt https://poets.org/poem/song-open-road-5

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To Dear Dr. Setty, My respect for you grows every time I learn something new about you. I am especially delighted by your interest in channeling and the messages in The Law of One. My introduction to galactic channeling began with a 4 volume set of books called, "The Arcturian Star Chronicles". Each book's title begins with "The Songs of..........." They were written in the late 90's by Patricia Pereira. Reading them hit me almost as the most profound shock of my life (I am 80). It felt like they were messages for ME. The truth, love, and beauty are exquisite. I have learned so much since then because of the internet. I learned a great deal about the metaphysical world and journey of the soul from dozens of near-death experiences. Then there are all the people who describe being in the Secret Space Program for a 20 year tour that sounds just like sci fiction until you learn more. There is so much more going on around and outside of this planet that it would make people go nuts to learn it at once time. It has always seemed so absurd that people think galactics would use fossil fuel and thousands of years to travel the universe - good grief. Also, listen to people like Freddy Silva and his information about the "shining ones" that had a civilization before the cataclysm and came back to teach humans agriculture and how to be civilized. The online site GAIA.com is not just for wackos. I found Matias de Stefano there - he REMEMBERS his entire infinite existence in hundreds of lives. He is humble, but knows he is here to teach. Yes, the Harmonic Convergence of 1989 began the awakening of humanities conscious awareness - but it sure is slow! Wish I could talk openly about these fantastic, wondrous things.

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From the lens of the healing arts I've explored for the last 15 years, and more intensely in the last 4, when I really like this part:

"This is an entirely baffling if not reprehensible idea for those who feel that a world without morality would result in widespread depravity. Of course there is right and wrong! There is so much evil on the planet! This bizarre idea can only be reconciled if one accepts that ultimately, all is one. Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator if they are the same? If they are the same, how then would you choose to conduct yourself?" ...

I am reminded of the fact that when we begin to explore the path of evil, why humans do bad things etc, we end up reflecting on life's dance in a way. Circumstance, unresolved trauma, isolation, grief, pain, troubled childhood development... all typically contribute to what appear to be ways people choose how they 'dance' through life. But sometimes it isn't even choice, but how we change through trauma. The 'issues' unresolved in our tissues can program the biology and brain of the body to create conditions for more 'evil' acts. Through this lens, our society would have the freedom and ability to look more closely at how we take care of one another, develop our youth and so on. By choosing judgement, we don't have the chance to consider real solutions.

It's also fascinating to consider.. some of the most 'evil' people can TRULY change after they have committed a terrible act. And in that moment they are choosing a new dance. Should we shift our perspective about these people? Why or why not?

It's much more interesting to me to attempt to understand what leads us down certain paths than to judge someone and lock them away forever. Sure, at times we need to isolate folks to figure things out, but our current worldview on it seems barbaric to me.

I enjoy spiritual teachings that invite us to think and feel more deeply. I believe they can give us the ability to TRULY consider the question of how we choose to conduct ourself because it can lead us to understanding more about why we do the things we do and what causes 'evil' acts.

I think we could become a better society if those worldviews drove our society vs scientific and religious dogma which can often produce destructive results given the underpinning beliefs.

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I must admit, i've often dismissed 'channelling' in the many years i've observed the supposed phenomena. Temperamentally, it is not for me. Seems so often to be another way to displace our own personal power, intelligence, will, and responsibility onto another supposed authority or cult or parent figure. An outstanding example is the (apparently) CIA-linked Course in Miracles, that was the rage during my Esalen days. There is clearly a lot of fraudulence, deception, nefarious, trickery and mind control in this business. So when you first turned me onto the very charming Sam I thought, "oh no!" But here, as always, your and Joe's introduction and interview is so profound, intelligent, honest and clear, I am reminded of the Sufi saying, "Counterfeiters exist because real gold exists..."

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Wow, The Recognition Sutras - I'm reading it at the moment, very impressed. Wallis is one of those rare commentators who is as rigorous as he is readable. As for Kshemaraja's original text, well, words fail...

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I know all these people you are talking about. Greer, Law of One, Sam the Illusionist. I actually met Carla Ruckert in person once upon a time.

Some simple truths:

1 - God Exists.

2 - God is the Source from which we all come. We are individualized parts of Source.

3 - Creation is vast. Our little planet in this one little solar system is only a tiny part.

4 - Of course there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

5 - Yes, some of the advanced races have travelled here.

6 - Yes, our government knows about it. They have known about it since at least WWII when our pilots encountered "foo-fighters" over Europe.

I'll leave it at that. Don't want to stretch anyone's conceptions of reality too much.

Except one last thing:

There are many of us on Earth now that are "Starseeds". That, essentially, is a soul from elsewhere in the universe that has chosen to incarnate here to be of service. I am one.

*I have a Substack page that has fallen into disuse. But you can find me on my FB page "Jesus and Buddha walk into a bar"

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I suggest you take a look at Jung's book "Flying Saucers, A modern myth of things seen in the skies", an interesting study of the psychological relationship between modern alien encounters and the earlier angelic visions of pre-modern societies. Jung suggests that these experiences are the same at a psychic level and fulfill the same roles and psychic needs.

On the same subject is the report of Howard Storm in his book "My Descent into Death" on his Near Death Experience, where he states that he was told that in future we would be able to communicate with other planetary civilisations by telepathy and that physical space travel will not be necessary.

I appreciate your bravery in bringing this subject up, but it supposes an entirely new paradigm, and from our limited perspective now, who can say what that will be.

The Law of One is not my thing, by the way. If benign beings have anything to communicate it would be lucidly and simply expressed. A superior intelligence would not obfuscate so tediously.

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without describing my own telepathic experience 44 years ago, (not with an ET, but with a person) the concept that we participate in 'separation' as amusement resonates very strongly. d

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Interesting overview, though I can tell from the clickbaity titles on all of Sam's YT vids that he's not on the wavelength of light and love, but on that of fear and drama for profit-making purposes. I connect with my guides by my own heart and listen to channels who do come from resonances not in fear-land. That's my preference at this point.

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I come with a different perspective concerning the ET visitors in our world at present. They have been here for over 7 decades, studying us, determining our strengths and weaknesses and using their considerable skills in the mental environment (M.E.) to undermine humanity's trust in ourselves and in those who lead our countries. Granted--we and they, our leaders, have our shortcomings, but my source, which tells me these races which have been intervening in our personal lives and our civilization in order to gain control of our world and pair down our race to a manageable number which would be easy to enslave, are actually highly manipulative resource explorers. Steven Hawkins, famous physicist, when asked if he believed that there was alien life on our planet, said that he did and that they were likely to be resource explorers. According to my source, these alien races intervening here have destroyed their own worlds in much the same way we are doing. The only difference is that our planet is a gem in our galaxy and they know this. It has been worth their time and effort to covertly study us and abduct and x-breed with us in order to create hybrid races that can live on the surface of our world and yet be loyal to them. It is a tried and true means of planetary takeover and has been used successfully many times throughout the billions and billions of worlds in the Greater Community of intelligent life of which we are a part. The visitors are small in number but they never have to fire a shot. Humanity is exceptionally vulnerable to their mental manipulation. If you wonder at the incredible divisiveness occurring across our globe right now--think thought manipulation in the M.E. Steven Greer would have us believe that these alien visitors are beneficent and enlightened but my source would say, "Then why are they abducting us and using us for medical experiments against our will?" It is common knowledge that Greer has been abducted many times and people subjected to these abductions often become pacified speakers for the alien Intervention. It is part of the agenda our visitors use so successfully. I'm sure that many of you will find fault with what I am presenting here, but I ask that you read the first Briefing in Book One in the AlliesofHumanity[dot]org (free to read online) and determine if you have a resonance for the information presented there. As has been said in this substack, don't trust me but do listen to your own inner-knowing, the voice of the Creator present in all sentient beings. Thank you for considering this.

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I’m disappointed with Steven Greer. See article below. He lost a lot of credibility with me after staging fake ET sightings and ripping people off thousands of dollars.


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Ra's teaching about Infinity as total Oneness reminds me of the great French metaphysician René Guénon and one of his last books, Principles of the Infinitesimal Calculus, where he draws a distinction between the infinite and the indefinite. Space for example may well extend indefinitely (or not), but in either case it is not infinite because as space it is already a determination - space is not time, for example, even if the two may merge into each other.

Likewise with so-called infinitely repeating numbers, like Pi. Again it is a misnomer to speak of infinity in this context, since Pi itself is already a finite entity, so that it repeats itself indefinitely, but not infinitely. Or again the potential of AI may expand indefinitely (unlikely), but even then it would never become infinite, because it exists alongside that which is not AI.

This may seem a bit nit-picky, but actually it's not, indeed I believe that drawing out this distinction between the indefinite and the infinite could yield many valuable insights, and dispose of many misconceptions. For example we are in awe (some of us) of AI's "infinite" potential, while seeing ourselves as miserably finite creatures, when in reality as pure Consciousness we are already nothing less than Infinity playing Itself out through a multitude of finite guises. Including, it may be, extra-terrestrial ones.

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Reading this, I began to wonder, not for the first time, how one could distinguish 'extra-terrestrial' entities from demonic entities.

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Fun Trivia: Many of our popular ideas about space and aliens cone through TV and movies. Star Trek and its spinoffs have played a large role. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, used to attend a channelling group in NY with a channel named Phyllis V. Schlemmer. This is where the idea of the “Prime Directive”, a principle of non-intervention, came from. Think about that: the aliens have told us the reason they don’t generally interfere in human affairs is a spiritual perspective that respects our free will.

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As a veteran Hypnotist who teaches people how to channel Beings, as well as communicate with ET's, I can tell you it's important to be clear that it is not meditation (in it's truest sense) that is the primary driver of this. It is a hypnotic trance. We all have the ability to train our minds to access infinity. It's takes practice and priming and it's an amazing aspect of experience to experience.

The other interesting thing which could have become really clear to more people from the last 3-4 years, is the number of paradoxes that many chose to live inside of every single day. (Letting go of paradoxes is one key to developing intuition and learning to channel :-) )

They lay claim to wanting freedom, yet they believe in morality which like any other group of beliefs, is the absence of freedom. Choice is the ultimate gift and curse, as different people will see it.

We can all day long stand against people like those who are struggling to keep power for themselves, the Schwabs of the world. But, if we are to believe that there is a universal consciousness, creator, source, original thought, God, whatever, and that infinity is all there is, unconditional, than any attempt to limit or control it will forever result in failure.

If we want what we want, we have to let others want what they want, or we can be hypocrites about it. Getting what we want doesn't come from living inside the paradox.

The only true choice then is to believe in something, whatever that is, then confidently act to support it and create more of it in the world. Us vs them is no different than them vs us, and until we "choose" to get past that, we will not evolve to "being" the greatest potential that we are.

Morality is a human construct you choose to believe in. Elsewhere in the world others believe differently. That doesn't make it real. It makes it a choice. Choose well and stand firm but be open to change. Leave dogma for those not ready to choose for themselves.

Keep up the "good" work! :-)


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