There is just a dark evil criminal theatre, nothing was or is about the safety, efficacy, benefit of a "vaccine" or about public health. We learned that in 3 years very well. There is no vaccine, all are toxic products called "countermeasures" in the contracts that nobody knows what's in them (some are still trying to find out), we know just they can kill and harm people . Why they would need a honest normal trial for that? The future is already designed for people to be permanently injected in order to travel, or to do other activities (as it was not long ago with work, school, public places) things which will come back soon.

"Trusted global digital health networks as part of efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics”...."digital health credentials technology and proof of vaccination tell you something? Well, that's what they have for us.

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Those who consider "relying on intuition" to be "unscientific" are not ones we can trust at all, because they create a false dichotomy within our human processes of "knowing," often by discounting input from our own senses by which we constantly discern fine distinctions from within ourselves and from without in our surroundings, relationships, and social networks. Thus we learn & refine our "knowing."

You asked, "Isn’t it more likely that the VE wasn’t that good to begin with and that the public was sold a product that was not properly proven efficacious?"

In the US and in 189 other countries, the public was not sold this product. World governments were already contracted and had bought billions of "doses" of the product, most included 6-12 doses for every citizen. Then the alleged "warp speed" randomized-control-study trials occurred among three different corporations, two of which (Pf-lies-er & J&J) had just paid the highest fraud settlements in US history to date, and one of which had never produced a product (Murderna) but had patents on the spike protein, the most toxic portion of the "virus." At the same time, a massive censorship and fear-hardened propaganda campaign paid for with at least $13 billion of tax-payer funding was inflicted 24/7 upon the world's population, using the same tactics and new definitions of terms worldwide.

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Is there another way to look at this? I'm not saying it's the best way. It's extremely speculative. Even so, consider:

What if all the trial subjects, vaxxed and unvaxxed, who presented with Covid-like symptoms but weren't found to be Covid-positive indeed weren't Covid positive? What if they all were infected by pathogens for which the investigators never tested. Whatever the pathogens were, these people still experienced mild to moderate illness like that experienced by the truly Covid infected. So, across the entire trial population, any salutary effect of the vaccine was way lower than advertised, as the vaccine wasn't directed against the pathogens that were causing most of the illness.

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