I am hopeful that 2nd Smartest Guy in the World will eventually see fit to respond to this article.

Judging from some recent comments here, it seems that those of you who have asked him to respond are finding their comments deleted, often within a few minutes.

It seems clear that he doesn't want his readership to know about the critique leveled against his position on RFK Jr. This smells like controlled opposition. These are the techniques that were used with great impact over the last three years to fool the public into thinking that there was scientific "consensus".

If any of you is willing, please consider leaving a polite comment on his article asking him to respond here. Please let us know what happens to your comment. I am truly curious how far he will go to make sure his followers do not know what he is doing.

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There are many who are poisoning the well of RFK's message to derail his campaign. 2nd Smartest Guy in the World is one of those. His criticism's of RFK don't square with the man I've come to know and respect.

You, Madhava, are one of the most even-tempered and careful thinkers I've encountered in the last few years. I've read much of what you've written, and I've heard you speak live. You are reasonable. And you are respectful, and I'm certain you have the respect of your colleagues. That you had your comments deleted and were then blocked by this clown is a huge red flag that tells you all you need to know about where he's coming from. And it's not from an honest place.

Move on.

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Here’s my original comment. It is still up btw.

“Aug 24

I think your post is a character assassination of him, with lots of your readers/subscribers, chiming in, agreeing with you. That is what I believe you are dead wrong about. I don't know of anyone else who has the knowledge and courage to expose the outrageous lies we've been told for decades, the way he has. He holds nothing back. He has an encyclopedic mind and memory. He's done enormous good for the environment, exposing 5G harms, the vaccine issue and exposing Fauci, the Covid farce, and the corrupt three letter agencies.

What have you done for this country? No offense intended. Honest question.

Do assault weapons apply to all guns? I know the 2A is vital. I know that without guns we have zero defense against our own government, and that in countries where citizens are required to give up their guns, the corrupt and dictatorial governments overpower them ruthlessly. I was born in Cuba.

Why would JFK Jr. put his life in danger the way he is, if he did not have the convictions he has?

A former yoga philosophy teacher of mine, a Harvard PhD, who thought the unvaccinated should die, not be allowed to be a part of society, sent out an email stating that RFK Jr. was crazy, because he (the Harvard man) is indoctrinated/brainwashed that vaccines "save lives." He was the smartest man in the world to me, up until Covid! He's brilliant, a Renaissance man, and a FOOL”

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I unsubscribed from 2SGW a month or two ago, after he made some dire prediction about Ukraine and/or an imminent nuclear attack — or some similar catastrophe, I wish I could remember exactly — that he claimed would occur within 24 hours of his warning, but which never materialized.

The problem for me was not that he was mistaken, but that he never _acknowledged_ his frightening misstatement. Total silence.

I considered his non-retraction to be irresponsible and dishonest. Actually this moment was part of an accumulation (over the several months of my free subscription) of overstatements, rhetoric and intolerance — compounded, I see now, by intolerance of legitimate disagreement, as in your case — that led to my loss of confidence in his balance and interests (like marketing exclusive drug remedies, as you mentioned).

For the record, I’ve noticed that the more that certain substackers behave defensively — and offensively— and the more ego-invested they appear to be, the more likely they seem to have mixed motives, despite their predominantly anti-establishment presentation.

Your experience with his position on RFK Jr (obviously no Trojan horse would campaign on an “unpopular” issue like questioning vaxxes) and the guns issue — or rather, 2SGW’s ill-treatment of you/your comments — reinforces my hunch that he is not reliable or trustworthy.

Thank you for posting this and also for the terrific recent profile of Dr. Nass!

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I appreciate your comments. Disclaimer: I'm a subscriber to 2SGW.

That said, I hold no allegiance, except to the truth. Jesus Christ said, "By their fruits (works) ye shall know them." because we don't have the ability to look upon the mind or the heart to determine what their true motives are, but that good fruit cannot come from a bad tree, and vice versa.

So... having noted your disappointment that he was not on the same page as you, don't tie yourself to someone's wagon completely. But seek truth wherever you find it, and as the Lord says, "Come, let us reason together." That sounds a lot like having good discussions, and coming to a more enlightening truth together.

Bret Weinstein posted a podcast today on youtube discussing the truthseekers being punished in this current environment, while propaganda continues to spread.


We need more people to stand up and support/defend the truth, and hold people accountable for their illegal actions.

I wanted to say THANK YOU for bringing your perspective as someone who has been close to CHD. You have insight in RFK Jr's work that many others don't have, and for me, it's another data point for truth about where he might stand. It's hard to truly know a person without spending significant amounts of time (often with mutual vulnerabilities exposed to garner trust). Hopefully they have a track record of good works from which to draw from, recognizing that we're not perfect.

This divisive and polarized environment has been cultured and planned, and will be the gateway to our downfall unless we're willing to set aside pride and consider other points of view and collaborate together. Dividing and conquering people is the way to destroy a society that might otherwise help support 2-parent families, encourage low-cost educational opportunities, and other good activities and entities that promote individual self-worth, and the value of families.. (stop tearing down men, for instance, as kids need fathers).

Sorry for the long winded answer...

finally... wrt guns and the 2nd amendment... this recent case will hopefully reorient our thinking in how we hang on to the rights we have in our constitution.

A case out of Massachusetts says there is NO HISTORICAL PRECEDENT (to follow the Supreme Court decision in the past) for one state to keep a resident from another state from carrying. If you cross state boundaries, you can still freely protest, go to church, etc. You don't lose your 4th amendment rights as you go from state to state... and using that logic, you don't lose your 2nd amendment rights to carry either.


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As I see it, the question is not whether RFKjr is imperfect, or even dangerous, but rather whether he is less dangerous than the available alternatives. If 2SGW is disapproves of him, then it would be constructive for 2SGW to suggest a preferable alternative.

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Superb article.

I subscribe to 2SGW as well.

I just wrote a comment regarding his censoring of you (completely BUSH LEAGUE----any type of CENSORSHIP is JUVENILLE!!!).

Of course, he blocked me.

Looks like 2SGW may be controlled opposition after all, lol!

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2SGW doesn’t make any compelling arguments that Bobby is a Trojan horse. He provides no evidence to believe it. I think he felt quagmired by your epistemological statement. I’m glad I don’t know about 2SGW.

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I also commented on the 2nd smartest substack that I thought he was dead wrong (when the Sub was published) and that it was a character assassination of RFK Jr. He came back with a ridiculous response. Then I asked him what he had done for our country because I know what RFK Jr. has done. I’ve followed CHD for a few years.

Several readers agreed with my comments. I’m not sure they are still there, but I don’t think he blocked me. I just stopped communicating with him because I saw that it was pointless. He seems to have a scripted reply to anybody that challenges him!

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It's possible to disagree with some or many or even most of RFK Jr.'s views without resorting to the fatuous vilification 2SGW employs.

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Thank you for this sensible, honest, and humble discourse. I continue to be impressed by your integrity; a dwindling attribute these days.

I am a free subscriber to 2SG...and make myself aware of his musings, but am also aware of a distinct narrative that is being peddled. Along with product. Which was why I downgraded my subscription some time ago.

I am also aware of RFK’s historical platform(s)...and the “Trojan horse” opportunity they could create. The 2nd amendment would not be at the top of my list of worries, which could speak to your propaganda supposition.

At any rate, thank you for your thoughts. I always appreciate reading your perspective, and continue to be impressed with your humility and discernment.

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Anyone that deletes comments is an idiot or controlled opposition.

Deleting comments shows that you are either not very good at debating, closed minded or overly confident that no one will notice your duplicity.

I reckon the good writers just ignore idiots or let their readers deal with the trolls.

Deleting comments is censoring.

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I think your rhetorical analysis is spot on: fallacies and intellectually dishonest tactics designed to avoid honest analysis. His or her actual motives would be nice to know for various sorts of larger "meta-analysis" of what's going on (conspiracy vs dupery vs various kinds of foolishness, etc.,) but probably can't be ascertained.

Thank you VERY much for your efforts. This sort of thoughtful, earnest public discourse is probably the best tool we mortals have against the forces of darkness.

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Very well written and thoughtful as always. As soon as the insults come out followed by blocking you? Highly suspect. You can offer opinions and solutions without needing to agree on everything. CHD is founded on seeking the truth and article after article questions vaxx safety, along with environmental issues, food issues, water issues, etc. If RFK, Jr is a Trojan horse, we’re all done for. My biggest problem with almost every politician, including RFK, Jr, is they all refer to our country as a democracy. We are a constitutional republic, and should be referred to as such.

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Thank you MS for this detailed and nuanced discussion that in many ways boils down to 'I have seen the enemy and that enemy is me.' To the extent that I can remain equanimous and calm in the face of all threat, insult and aggravation will be the extent that that is the society I will contribute to making. 2GSW embodies, as you accurately delineate, the very energies and qualities that have contributed to the creation of this divisive, authoritarian oligarchical social structure.

As to me and the 2SGW, I am a subscriber although not a regular reader. I see him as a kind of canary in the minefield of truth detecting. By jarring me, I am allowed so see better my own self and perhaps unconscious hypocrisies or beliefs that are supporting the past social structure which has come to its ultimate(?) penultimate(?) expression.

I'm not sure that JFKJ is a hero or not. And that to me is shibboleth question keeping us stuck in the old paradigm of hero victim, a key foundation of this oligarchal structure. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing you have always done and expect a different result.

For the reasons you cite and other actions and words, it seems to me that JFKJ is honest about his actions and words. He has integrity. And he has very good eyes to see what is true and not true. Can he be 'fooled' or be 'wrong'. Of course. My feeling is that he has the integrity to discard the false from the true when he becomes aware of the errors of reason, intuition or perception.

A serious challenge with the really smart people who have inflated their smartness is that they become blind to how they have conflated smartness with lack of ignorance. The two are not mutually exclusive. And I would suggest that oftentimes, the smarter the person, the greater the ignorance and the likelihood for extreme stupidity in action. The truly stupid are usually incapable of creating seriously destructive stupidity. It is only smartest of us stupid ones who are capable of and often willing to create massive stupid bombs because their self-proclaimed or lauded smartness hubristically empowers them. And the number of the so-called publicly 'really smart ones' who became vaccine tyrants is suggestive of the serious problem of smartness by whatever 'high' degree of smartness the society has chosen to elevate and then bow down to.

Thank you for the great essay.

Oh! Likely he is trapped in his unconscious and projecting the idea of the current oligarchal structure. Meaning, he is acting with the energy that wants the 'system' to remain as it is while delusionally thinking he is creating change. Does that make him a compromised Trojan while shooting blanks? LOL! I don't know.

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Will people please leave comments on his substack? This is the comment I left that was deleted:

I am a fan of your writing and thoughts. I am confused about where to stand on RFK Jr. and was hoping by responding to this we could be the bystanders to an interesting and clarifying conversation.


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