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Excellent article. Logic must be a ruling principle. As a Christ-follower, I think everything has to be interpreted taking into account the internal and external evidence of the accuracy of the Bible. As one who has seen the transforming power of Jesus in my own life and the lives of others, not to mention the astounding number of fulfilled prophecies in that Book, I agree with the questions, but within a different framework. Since I believe 1) that the existence of God (Author of logic)is supremely logical, based on natural laws (which are the closest things to scientific fact that we have) and 2), that ALL of God’s prophecies will come true, how will all of this “evidence” (of which 100% is secondhand, as far as I’ve seen; hearsay and anecdotal) fit into the prophecies yet to be fulfilled? Don’t forget AI, which can be used for deception as well as good, and as you’ve said, no “truth” can be interpreted without standards of Truth. Keep your minds open to ALL possibilities, even those of the Bible.

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Adjacent to your AI deception theory exists the pre-personal computer era demonic delusion theory that some dispensational adherents assert that the rapture(?) of Christians before the Tribulation will be ET capture. As I believe in the God of the Christian Bible (but not a dispensationalist) the only conclusion I draw is that either ETs are angelic/demonic beings or a delusion. I find a scriptural warning that in the last days even the very elect could fall away from so strong a delusion; therefore, I have no recourse outside of God--just as it should be.

There are many things I do not know and cannot know about ET visits to earth. But I have to wonder about an alien civilization that possesses so advanced technology but, yet, cannot manage to negotiate flight around earth without crashing. After all, Neil Armstrong managed to land on the moon in 1969 just by “eyeing” the landing in a craft that my iPhone’s technology puts to shame. A mere mortal earth man can accomplish what super-advanced ETs cannot? Please.....

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Thank you for this essay. I am of the opinion that there are some salient contributing factors that prevent productive discourse on topics such as this. They include:

1. Hubris

Excessive, overbearing pride, presumption or self-confidence; arrogance.

2. Thought Terminating Clichés

A form of loaded language, often passing as folk wisdom, intended to end an argument and quell cognitive dissonance. Its function is to stop an argument from proceeding further, ending the debate with a cliché rather than a point. Some such clichés are not inherently terminating; they only become so when used to intentionally dismiss dissent or justify fallacious logic.

3. False Binaries

Based on a premise that erroneously limits what options are available. The source of the fallacy lies not in an invalid form of inference but in a false premise. This premise has the form of a disjunctive claim: it asserts that one among a number of alternatives must be true. This disjunction is problematic because it oversimplifies the choice by excluding viable alternatives, presenting the viewer with only two absolute choices when in fact, there could be many.

The humility to reasonably suspend disbelief requires an inherent confidence in oneself that, imho, is often lacking among the peddlers of The Truth™ , The Science™, and other settled subjects.

Flexibility of the mind is necessary if we are to move beyond the boundaries of the "decided facts", as these boundaries do not, and cannot, include all of the evidence with which we are presented.

So thank you, for so succinctly entertaining a discussion that seeks to expand these boundaries.

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Well said

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Incorporating 'new' information into a belief structure requires a mind that is OPEN to learning and modifying beliefs. This as we learned in the Conjabs experience is a very small percent of the the population. Perhaps 30 percent investigated the 'statements of fact' and -- spotting real issues for discussion debate and thought provoking conclusions -- declined to participate in the 'safe and effective' celebration of 'fact' and 'science is settled'. I remember writing a paper back in the late 70s for school on 'alternative energy sources' and how we were going to need them because oil was a finite resource. Solar was predicted to be wonderful, cold fusion was going to happen. Fission (nukes) were on the way out....fast forward to today as I see the 'green fantasy' being sold. I read /learn now, from a Newsweek article published in 2011, that there is a thought line that perhaps oil isn't biotic, but abiotic and that it comes from deep inside the heart of the earth where carbons undergo transformation to 'hydrocarbons' and where it pools in places with biotic traces and is thus incorrectly identified as being 'biotic' in origin. Sounds cray cray to me, but then how to explain the Eugene oil field that suddenly started to refill itself after it was pumped out? Where DID that 'new' oil come from and what was the reason the TYPE and GRADE of oil was different in the field suddenly? That oil had to come from somewhere, maybe further down? But they didn't drill down further so the wells must be refilling... How did it flow into that field? Silence on that point. Now what if it IS abiotic.. what are the implications? Flexible thinking individuals will investigate. Inflexible minds will say the science is settled...In a similar way, this is applied to all sorts of other areas of life/existence. Can there be only one method of existence that is carbon based, or could silicon life forms exist? If ETs exist does that make God a non entity? Most people don't even want to go there, because as you point out they like binary choices. It makes their lives simple to understand...Or well maybe we DO live in a simulation, LOL.

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Thank you. I love your 3 limiting factors..if you will.

Saving those as a continual reminder, and, to possibly share if tiptoeing into conversation others want to shut down.

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Thank you, LW. I have found that much of the current conversation disfunction can be attributed to at least one of these factors.

I try not to be "that girl" that posts her own links on other people's stacks...but because you mentioned it...you might enjoy reading this recent post. It's a fleshing out, so to speak, of these limiting factors:


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Having thoroughly studied the ET question for many years--but lacking any strong direct experience--I 'believe' that this planet was colonized a very long time ago and we are the product of some sort of hybridization that was engineered by ET. The human species is not homogenous. There is nothing in the current testimony getting headlines that ET-ologists haven't known for decades. Having a healthy suspicion that all the headlines of our daily news are an attempt at mind control, I have to wonder why are they feeding us this now. And I think you've offered a viable reason: Their covid op is running out of cred. Time to introduce an exciting distraction. We human's have zero control over what ET's will do, and unless we have direct experience with them, we will not know what their story is from the government or the media. Much like the essence of spirituality. You don't get it from someone telling you, only from direct experience.

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I fear that there could be more to this than a distraction. They are subtly letting the public know that there could be something out there and they are a potential threat. If there is anything authoritarians like more than control it is even more control. Nothing serves that need better than a threat.

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In my opinion, you "hit the nail on the head" with your comment "I have to wonder why are they feeding us this now. And I think you've offered a viable reason: Their covid op is running out of cred." Everything is a PsyOp now.

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“Pray big, stand firm, never settle”, Polly Tommy.

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Polly Tommey is amazing. Can you tell me where/when this quote is from? It's going in my growing quotes file, but I like to add details when available. Thanks for sharing this.

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She’s on CHDTV near daily. My understanding is she pretty much developed / and now manages that whole series…though there are many others you’ll love with their regular shows here. She fights the good fight every day and often ends a show she moderates with that inspiring quote.

Show link: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/

(Don’t get overwhelmed by the long list. It’s organized so that one can look by day, most recent, by program, as well as special series sch as The Attack on Food Symposium , and the W.H.O. Chronicles.)

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Oh, I know Polly! I'm just wondering where/when she said those words you quoted. No worries, though...they sound like her! I'm glad you're watching CHDTV. It's good stuff, and lots of it.

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WWIII may be the other exciting distraction.

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This issue dramatises the difference between our objective understanding and our subjective sense of who we are. Objectively, we know ourselves to be a speck in a vast ocean of galaxies; subjectively, we remain to all intents and purposes the centre of the Universe, for that indeed is what we are in almost any terms that matter to us.

So we have never really got beyond the old macrocosm/microcosm model of antiquity, but have only recast it as a contrast between objective fact and subjective import, with a chasm of cosmic dimensions between the two sides of our own equation. Or at least, that is how the matter presented itself to us until quite recently.

What we are currently seeing on the terrestrial plane - and Madhava's article starts off with a brief catalogue of this - is that objective fact is collapsing at the same time that subjective coherence is unravelling. Yet at a cosmic level - if nowhere else - we remain convinced that all remains reliably objective, and that subjectivity is a purely earthbound phenomenon.

I'd better stop there because the more I try to formulate my thoughts on this, the more I realise I don't see clearly into this at all. But does anyone? Interesting times indeed...

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In my experience, most people have an extremely hard time taking in new information that might invite social and professional ridicule and other negative consequences, however obvious that new information may be. It's also difficult, nigh impossible, for most people because they do not have the have the intellectual and emotional grounding and strength to begin to integrate that new information it into their broader understandings of the world. I think that intuitively, they rightly fear that should they take that new information in, it would unmoor them from their place in the world and their understanding of the world, and they would, as it were, drown in a sea of loneliness and confusion.

We've seen that with the spikejabs.

And so it is with many other things as well.

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All these mysteries might be considered a scientist’s dream — there’s no danger that we’ll run out of fascinating and worthy research projects in this lifetime.

But there is a context that gives these questions an urgency and a mortal primacy to those of us paying attention. Humanity is under attack. There are multiple modes of attack, and we can’t be sure that they can all be traced to the same perps, or even that there’s a relationship among them all. But the scale of these attacks is so vast that it suggests there could not be two entities with such global power, including the power to control narratives across media platforms and governments across national borders.

* The COVID deception was in our faces, and made Fifth Generation Warfare impossible to deny. [Listen to Robert Malone https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/videos/post/5th-gen-warfare-on-citizens-by-dr-robert-malone] But it was not their first rodeo.

* The COVID deception was preceded by the “War on Terror” deception

* The stratosphere is being sprayed with toxins and weather is being controlled to create “natural” disasters and destroy crops.

* Food processing plants are exploding or burning or being hit by small planes that drop from the sky with precision accuracy.

* Technologies that could transform our lives are being hidden from the scientific community and suppressed with murder when necessary. [The only one of which I have personal knowledge and certainty is cold fusion https://mitteldorf.substack.com/p/cold-fusion-is-a-suppressed-technology, but Steven Greer says there are far more powerful technologies, developed almost 100 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc_hgeoGNlc]

* We have been systematically deprived of traditional and alternative medicine, some of it literally life-saving.

* “Wildfires” seem not to be so “wild”, as in Quebec this last spring and in California over many years.

* The power of trained psychics is certainly known to the US military https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00791R000200180005-5.pdf, but the topic is suppressed in civilian science.

Who is responsible for this massively destructive behavior? Malone makes a case for the CIA https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/puppet-masters-of-the-pandemic-part-a83, but maybe his thinking is too limited. Are there extra-terrestrials at the helm? Ancient secret societies? Satanists?

More important than figuring out “who” is discerning “why”. Can we get inside the deranged or nonhuman minds that conceived these attacks and deduce their purpose? Doing so will go far toward empowering us to anticipate future attacks and organize a defense.

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Well maybe the war in heaven is a war on 'earth' as well. God and good (life/love/free choice and free will etc) oneside and Devil (evil/bad/non life and control no choice) on the otherside. See? There I go again with binary thinking!

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I have no evidence to present but do know internally, since may be 10 years old (now 71), that we have been seeded here. Of course, I was labeled crazy...

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Grusch is a distraction from the real disclosure IMO. Steven Greer did a National Press Club event a month ago with many whistleblowers in government with first hand experience seeing UFOs etc. Link below. Grusch et al I think, are part of the governments way of controlling the narrative. The tic tac craft according to whistleblowers documented in Steven Greer's archive is one of ours. Our US military (factions thereof) have reversed engineered and are using these craft, in part to create a false narrative around off world life forms being a threat and building up to an event that as Ronald Reagan eluded to many years ago in a speech about an alien threat. Something the world could rally against together. One World government.


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Whoa! Very interested to hear about this recent Steven Greer update. Thx for the link.

A well known author put me onto this film of Greer’s several years ago after something I said reminded him of it.


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Loved that doc and all he put out there. He has several.....Undisclosed, and the most recent the Lost Century and How to reclaim it. Over 30 years of interviews and evidence from Steven, all archived. Almost 800 whistleblowers have come forward. But what do we get? Grosch? Doesn't sit right with me. I think as a population we have been so brainwashed we cant see Controlled Op to save our lives. There is always truth peppered in there, but watch them try to steer us away from Zero Point energy.

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There is a large community that has dealt with questions of partial disclosure vs. full disclosure, obfuscation and censorship vs. honesty. Answers often rely more on the heart than the brain, and whether the narrative is promoting fear or love.

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Thank you for this. I believe a more knowledgeable and reliable source of information is from Steven Greer and Disclosure. Here is the 3 hour press conference with 6 whistleblowers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDY7t6HihCw I attended the full conference. This is new for me. A few more points -

1. all evidence they have points claims that ETs are benevolent and trying to be helpful. If they were hostile we would know it.

2. Today, on the 78th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima, which I visited on the 60th anniversary - note that Greer and group claim that ETs are extremely concerned about our nuclear developments which affect the wider universe and them. I think they came in the 1940s and also go to military and nuclear facilities

3. As you say, the US has shot down and reverse engineered them. They mastered anti gravity in 1954. We make fake ones and they have slides differentiating fake - with seams and bolts from real ones which are seamless and way more advanced. They also fake abductions so beliefs in hostility are likely associated with the fake ones.

4. No doubt political forces can stoke fears in hostile ETs, as with other fears to promote their agendas and military actions, social control, etc which we have seen. Some believe the timing, why now - has to do with a need to prove another round of fear when needed.

5 Watch the press conference and the film, "The Lost Century" about denied patents and stolen information about technology that could solve many of our problems - environment, poverty, suffering,

6. I am also a good friend of Josh Mitteldorf

7. more info here https://coronawise.substack.com/p/dont-miss-disclosure-20-historic

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Topics - dots for thinking, study , discussion, connection:

- what implications would generate the eventual discovery or claim of the discovery of extraterrestrial life for religions; are or aren't the aliens made in the mirror and in the image of God;

- the intention of rewriting the Bible;

- the evolutionist church. in 2017 I think, the catholic church recognized the theories about evolutionism and the big bang as true;

- consensus as an indicator of truth;

- the most importance given to ufo & all bs story is happening/made in usa. secrets, intelligence services, army, navy, hollywood etc

- why now everything when we are already tired and broke and in chains...

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Great article. Thank you for laying it all out there.

Experiences with the story tellers suggests: The UFOs are a common public narrative created by the military to distract and to raise questions about advanced tech it has already. It is easy to create an image in or with the AV viewing and projection tech we use, even on the lowly public end of Dual Use technology in existence since the 1940’s.

Clean free energy, water, cures for cancer... can’t be handed to competitors or allowed to be seen in use or major industries will be destroyed.

What I find most interesting in your open minded article, is the all inclusive kind of definition about how we all just remain uncertain as if science is always unsettled or consciousness about origins of life is limited. We say there’s good reason for mystery.

I could provide references to answer some of your life related questions where you propose your PhD friend has written so eloquently where others have not.

Yet, while you ponder questions as if no clear answers, I dare say you know much if not it all about life. Here you attempt to share something of yourself by writing so brilliantly. I am grateful. The challenge is that you are using images to project and grasp yourself.

I sense and know you know life well amidst it all. You are amazing as a conscious being, in, of and a voice for it all... in your writing yet beyond words. You know you are.

Ineffable... . .


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That's a very thoughtful comment. I would say that I try to embrace uncertainty, something that we have been taught to fear. When we are comfortable with not knowing with absolute certainty we can begin to sense our biases. Once those are acknowledged we have allowed our intuition an opportunity to emerge. However that is a step that everyone must make on their own.

In summary, I feel the best we can do to guide others is to point out what most certainly isn't, as opposed to what is. Doing the opposite is neither helpful nor compassionate.

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The missing piece is Consciousness.

When we and Science begin to understand our connection to all things through our Consciousness, we will begin to formulate our answers.

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It may not be a mechanistic, subjective or objective problem. It may be an issue of dimension and our very limited understanding of depth of field and how kinetic energies course unrestricted through time and space with aspects of awareness and intelligence. Appreciate the questions raised here.

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Is that crop circle alien winking?

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I found these two articles helpful in the 'aliens are among us' discussion.

Can we believe in Extraterrestrials? A Theological Answer

By: Robert Lazu Kmita.



It's not aliens, the US government is distracting you. I can't believe I have to explain this, but here we are.


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