Peter Doshi raised the right questions about two categories: "suspected Covid" and "protocol violation".


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Great discussion between you and Dr. Nass. I hope the video gets some reach outside of the CHD website.

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Talk to the vascular surgeons and the cath-lab technicians and ask them if they are finding white, fibrous substances in the arteries and veins of patients in emergency clot-removing surgeries?

They probably won't tell you, but their uncomfortable look may give you the answer.


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It still blows my mind that doctors and nurses working in hospitals and surely seeing huge spikes in young healthy people showing up with cancer, neuro diseases, heart and stroke problems etc...

Are not waking up to what is causing this....

And raising a huge ruckus....

Is the power of a pay check enough to buy their silence? Or is it just that they cannot handle the truth because they shot themselves up and their kids... and a mental defence mechanism is blocking this reality out?

I can imagine the anxiety one would experience seeing the catastrophe unfolding every day in the hospitals... and feeling like you and your family are ticking time bombs... enough to drive a person insane?

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I took my dog to the groomer the other day and had to reschedule because she needed to leave to pick up her niece from school - because her sister was at the hospital. Her three year old son had just had a stroke. I didn't ask about vaccination of course, but it was all I could think about. I've never heard of a three year old having a stroke! It's horrifying. If it were my child, I don't think I'd want to know about the vax injuries if I'd had him vaccinated. That would just be too much to bear.

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He must have had long covid (sarc...)

Seriously though -- surely the parent would have to suspect the Rat Juice... a 3yr old... and a stroke... impossible -- without Rat Juice.

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Not mine to ask about for sure. It’s just so upsetting.

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Just read how Bernie Sanders is telling his good friend, Joe to sign on to the WHO agenda so that more countries can get the vaccines in their next pandemic.

Het, Bernie. Read the fine print!

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There must have been a few doctors that had suspicions when the "vaccines" came out. I asked my internist - around 38 yrs old - what his opinion was: should I or shouldn't I get the shot? I explained my hesitation after reading what ingredients were in the mrna. I had some knowledge of polyethylene glycol at the time and that right there made me hesitate. He looked surprised that I knew about that and also that I had said many people are allergic to it...and some don't know but would be. He never gave me his opinion and had me talk to a well known allergist here. That guy said the usual...the benefits outweigh the risks. I said how do you know? I said since I am 72 and in the vulnerable group I will just stay at home and hibernate for awhile. I have not had covid yet and will never have an mrna shot of any kind.

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The thing is ...

This does not matter... you are not bbccnn... and if bbccnn says they saved millions of lives ... or billions .. or if they saved the world from collapsing ... that is what the Vaxxers will believe.

Even if you could convince them that millions have died or been maimed by the shots (and that long covid was not the cause) they would still fully support the program. They would think this is a price worth paying if it means that millions/billions did not die...

But specifically -- so long as they were not injured by the shots they don't give a f789 about those who were... because all they give a f789 about is that they did not end up in the hospital hooked to a vent.

To summarize... you are screaming STOP -- at a hurricane

This is the greatest propaganda campaign of all time... absolutely brilliant.... I stand in awe.

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