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Sir, you are a warrior. A sincere thank you for attending this event and placing yourself squarely in the crosshairs of those who would rather silence than debate you. The level of group think demonstrated by so many is beyond frightening. They all simply assume the data shows millions were saved, they’ve never questioned the narrative, not once. It sounds like you were surrounded by the best brains Pharma money could wash.

If you opened the eyes of only one or two with each encounter, and they reach the point they do the same in return… you’ve started the snowball down the hill. Job well done.

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Thanks fot the great work you are doing Madhava, I think the sections from your article are telling, "During the three full days of the conference, neither I nor Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, a Virginia-based pediatrician and strong advocate for vaccine safety, encountered another physician presently in clinical practice." "Attwell is not a physician or a medical scientist."

This is a great article from Robert Clancy and addresses a lot of what you found at the conference.


"Covid has laid bare a medical profession no longer with input into health policy. Financial interest influences decisions enacted by bureaucrats, driven by the pharmaceutical industry, and woven into political agendas. A cultural blindness to objectivity begins with medical journals failing to publish any article outside of the narrative."

"For pandemics prior to Covid, science eventually won with strong professional leadership, internationally significant research contributions and stronger public health and government institutions."

"Covid is not following that course—power structures outside of the traditional medical hierarchy control a self-seeking narrative that has failed to control the pandemic. Decisions fail to respect science."

"a failure to interrogate mRNA adverse events, and a failure to respect a medical profession faced with the management of Covid patients."

What can we do? Understanding the meme state of cognitive dissonance that has overwhelmed many in our profession in accepting without argument, the “Covid narrative” of pharma/politics, is too hard for me. In practice, we must take back control of our profession and regain roles we once had to influence our patient’s health, based on science not narrative.

If the medical profession fails to restore a competent transparent evidence-based system, our grandchildren choosing a career in medicine face a dystopian future run by bureaucrats for global interests driven by greed. Health decisions will become further removed from best practice principles we have taken for granted.

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That was amazing to read, so well done. Jaw dropping too. You called them out for condescending and dismissive attitude towards the those of us with a critical thought. I lost my job over refusing the jab on religious grounds, and these evil, rotten people will NEVER GET ME TO TAKE ANY OF THEIR POISON. I have natural/acquired immunity, and they still insisted I get jabbed. EXCELLENT read.

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Thank you for attending and reporting on this event. We all need to understand who are the footsoldiers in the war against us. The pastor with tinnitus is a compelling image. We need to be doing the kind of research that they are doing: What kinds of personalities are vulnerable to brainwashing? How can we intervene to de-program them and help them see their abusive cult for what it is?

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It seems to me that many of the woefully uninformed vaccine proponents are woefully unwilling to be informed,

Thank you for writing this post,

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This is one of the very best paper I have read (on this topic) for the past three years. If not the best. I'm incredibly grateful. To say I am grateful is quite an understatement. And I admire your courage and wittiness. Going there. Confronting these people. I'm in awe...

They are not evil, they are victims of groupthink.

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What a great read, thank you. Subscribed. I am deep diving on Katie Atwell at the moment - much of her work is through my almer mater, the University of Western Australia. She has co-authored an entire paper on how best that governments can "coerce"populations into vaccination. I kid you not, the paper repeatedly uses the words "coerce" and "coercion." What Atwell is seeking to do is to reframe a medical procedure as a normative pro-social behaviour, and to frame refusal of said medical procedure therefore as an anti-social, subversive behaviour.

Regarding the dismissal of previously renowned experts who subsequently express skepticism about the Covid vaccines, it's the 'no true Scotsman' fallacy playing out. True Experts believe the Covid vaccines are safe and effective, therefore any dissenting expert must not be a True Expert.


And regarding the insistence that the vaccines are safe and effective in spite of record rates of injury reporting - in Western Australia in 2021, we had almost no Covid, but we had 90% vaccination for ages 12+. During this time, reported adverse events were 24x the normal rate per 100,000 doses. The report explains this away as being simply the product of increased publicity about side effects. Not even a moment's consideration that there might also be some causal link related to the product. It's the unwillingness to even consider the idea of causal linkage that gives me pause...


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Thank you for this detailed report from inside the world of experts who don't realize how they have been fooled and don't realize how much harm their misinformation has caused and will cause in the future.

I already am familiar with your level-headed, logical, and caring responses to various aspects of the 3-year fear campaign that planned to get everyone vaccinated. There are many weak areas in that levy meant to keep facts and reality out of public discourse, so the flood of facts will be pouring through sooner or later, and reports like this will show all the strategies that Pharma used to make Covid-19 seem such a threat.

Just as we marveled, in retrospect, that the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities could have such feeble evidence for their accusations that wrecked lives, and just as even high school history books now admit that there was no justification for the Vietnam 'armed intervention' (it wasn't a "war"), so too, if reason prevails, these past 3 years of bad science and economic destruction will be a warning to all of us who survived, and a sad elegy for those who needlessly died, as well as inadequate vindication to those damaged by the cruel "science."

In a way, this was WWIII-- inflicted by our own government, using the stage set of public health, on our soil instead of abroad, and, it appears, it’s just the first of such schemes meant to control the populace 'for their own good.'

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"I asked her how she would address a physician who simply felt that authorizing a therapy where the double-blinded trial demonstrated a greater all-cause mortality than the placebo was not only unprecedented but illogical.

She stared at me blankly. “Is this from a new study?” she asked.

I told her that this was from the published interim results from the Pfizer/BioNTech trial, the trial that launched the worldwide vaccination campaign. She was not aware of the results. "

Excellent Read. Thank you!

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Most interesting article which clearly demonstrates the problems inherent in the stranglehold that still dominates all Covid related evidence.

I was particularly struck by Poland’s position that the vaccine-hesitant are irrational, “It’s crazy that they don’t get how great vaccines are,” he said. “I am past trying to argue with people who think that vaccines are not safe.”

As a retired doctor I am sadly now past trying to argue with people who think the vaccine is both safe and effective. I absolutely admire the tenacity of excellent scientists, medics, researchers etc who remain dedicated to exposing the almost universal deceit and the censorship of intelligent discussion and opposition. Very sadly I believe that the more gullible people remain and the more they accept multiple vaccinations the more likely we are to discover the truth.

I know personally of one sudden death from post vaccine pulmonary embolus in a young woman, one permanent heart damage from myocarditis, one auto immune hepatitis necessitating urgent transplantation and one young person whose death was accelerated following vaccination. Despite the advanced age and co -morbidities of friends and family I know of nobody who has been seriously ill from Covid. I have had three injections myself because of a respiratory problem and have had two infections - one asymptomatic and one with mild symptoms for 24 hours. I also have a peripheral neuropathy that was exacerbated by the vaccine.

I will personally not continue to participate in this global medical experiment but applaud the courage and confidence all those who are willing to do so. I massively applaud the considerable bravery of all those who have stood firm and continue to fight to expose the truth and open the discussion. May you have the strength and determination to continue your fight.

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I wouldn’t want most of these people within 100 feet of me or 1 mile from my children.

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“They are dangerous. In 2021, they received $4 million in donations. It is estimated that in 2022, more than $20 million have been funneled to their movement.”

It's always good for a giggle when they yammer on about the IMMENSE amount of money that supposedly motivates critics of "vaccines." Wow, twenty million whole dollars? To fight the most sweeping abrogation of human rights since WWII?

And how many billions did governments and pharma-aligned interests spend promoting the jabs?

How much free media did they benefit from?

We were outspent 1000:1, yet somehow the profiteers are the ones who cobbled together donations from a largely unemployed base, while the world's most profitable businesses enjoyed unlimited publicity contributions from celebrities and the media.

Yet, somehow, they can't get their point across. What is their point, exactly? We're not hesitant. We're adamant. Decent people give up when they've gotten a hard pass on their offer.

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My child was vaccine injured 18 years ago. I saw it happen with my own two eyes. After her MMR jab she went from a happy sociable toddler to a withdrawn, sickly, self-harming child within weeks. She developed severe gut issues and had dark circles under her eyes. I cannot describe what I felt as a new mom seeing my child so miserable that she would bite herself until she bled, twisting her body and banging her head against solid furniture. I dove into the research all hours off the day and night looking for answers. The medical system, whitecoats, gas lit and ridiculed me telling me it was a 'developmental disorder'. Just like the 'experts' on this congress they had no idea of the solid body of research that existed even then, linking the jab to all sorts of diseases and disorders. They are woefully uninformed. Nah...the time for patience and understanding for these willfully ignorant, arrogant whitecoats has passed. They may not have engineered mass murder but they are complicit. The time has come that we choose; the modern medical system has dug it's own grave and they're going under. Unfortunately they're taking many with them but the people who are strong, smart, determined and lucky enough to live through the turbulent times to come, will build a new paradigm. And that does not include this greedy pharma funded, arrogant allopathic sick care system.

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Excellent article and work, Thank you.

I am on a team reviewing the Pfizer clinical trial data, their 5.3.6 post marketing study, VAERS data, excess mortality and disability data, etc. Did you know 2.9% of the 42k in the post marketing study died? Pfizer can not or will not say what happened to the other 97%. The ~35 page report has none pages of adverse events listed. None were provided for informed consent.

I have lost 14 friends, family and acquaintances within my personal circle. Currently one a month since October due to acute, aggressive cancers. All died about fifteen or more years before their life expectancy. The other was six years below.

A 26 year old friend of my son has had two heart attacks. My nephew spent three days in the ICU with heart issues - he is in his early 30’s and was an Army Ranger, his sister, my niece has had two miscarriages.

My grandfather, father, two uncles (all) and three of my four brothers have had a heart attack. Only one dropped dead. That was my brother in 2020. People until now have ever dropped dead unexpectedly.

The rock in my back yard understands something is terribly wrong with our institutions and medical community. Trust is gone.

At 64 years old living in a large urban market, I do not know one person who died of COVID.

To my knowledge 100% of the people I know have had COVID, many more than once.

Thank you for punching back. The fact they are not interested in dialogue demonstrates they cannot defend their position. The ad hominem attacks demonstrate they are criminals. It us willful.

While I appreciate your approach, I am past playing nice with those who are unwittingly or not trying to kill me, my children and grandchildren. By the way, their advanced and well funded efforts are paying off. All of my family including me have been vaxxed. Presumably my grand daughter is next.

Sadly it appears the only way forward is for those who are all-in to learn the old-fashioned way. Through experience. Through having a loved one close to them drop dead or die from an unexpected acute cancer.

God help us.

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Thank you for your efforts, Dr. Madhava, it is extremely difficult to enter into an atmosphere where you know you will be seen as the 'heretic' - heretics have died terrible deaths in the dark ages. It is informative to get a glimpse of how 'these people' function, at least in public. It is true, or at least it is my experience, that 'they' have the same arguments as I do, namely, that non-vaxxers are delusional etc. It's been an enlightening 3 years, in the sense that I had no idea about the scary level of corruption raging in all of our institutions, and more frightening: how easily 'the people' follow obediently. I think I am entering a phase now where I am interested to put my attention on the many alternative ways to organise our lives and communities. Meanwhile the old order of things is raging on, I hope they are raging because they know they don't have much time left! Best wishes and many thanks

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"Public private partnership" is another way of saying Fascism. Not the soft furry kind of Fascism, but the hard nasty fascism.

The WEF is 100% about "public private partnerships" especially the ones where the private side controls the public side.

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