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I am encouraged to see so many thoughtful and informed comments on this post. Though these topics can be triggering for many, the exchanges in the comments have been, with only a few exceptions, respectful.

Though the world's attention has been captured by all things Covid for the last three years, the uncertainties about what happened on 9/11 are still relevant. IMO, it is easier to see the lies in the official narrative about that event. 9/11 gives us the proof that corporate media--all corporate media--will bend to the will of their masters, whomever they are.

The journalists that reported on that event were not being coerced. They were being manipulated at a deep level, much like those who accepted their content prima facie.

I believe that most thought they were doing a good job. It's a challenge to pull someone out of their world view, especially those who pride themselves on being informed. It's going to take more than information and data. It's going to take style, tone and the right attitude for the right person.

That being said, I would like to set the record straight here. I did not expect to change the minds of my classmates with a single conversation. I wanted to "plant the seeds" with my classmates as @Lundy Bancroft suggested.

Neither was I expecting to change the minds of readers with a single post. This is a subject that deserves time and deep investigation.

With that said, the greatest trove of accurate information around 9/11 has been at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:


I highly suggest using that resource (and the ones given below) if you happen to have the rare opportunity to engage someone around this topic.

My friend, Richard Gage, former CEO of AE911Truth put together three webinars that were designed to educate architects about what happened on that day and why the official explanation skirts the basic questions that we assumed were answered. These presentations are technical but wonderfully done:


Incidentally, Richard Gage, the founder and front-man for AE911Truth for more than a decade, was asked to step down two years ago because he spoke "off topic". He had expressed criticism around the pandemic response. In my mind, these two engineered catastrophes are intimately conjoined, and he was right to speak out when he did.

He has since amassed a great deal of accurate, technical information on his own website:


Planting seeds is our job right now. I think that Covid has given us an opportunity to shatter the illusions so many hold. It's easy to get impatient, but seeds take time to mature into trees.

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I have to believe that planting the seeds matters, because otherwise I'd feel too discouraged. I think people get a lot of security from believing that there are good people in charge and that "they" just wouldn't do certain things. And I think those same people sometimes can, over time, let go of that myth and realize that the unethical and the power-mad (who are often the same people) tend to rise to the top -- and that our social and legal structures actually encourage that rather than obstructing it. For some people it can literally take five years (or whatever) to gradually absorb the information and adapt to it. So I believe that you're accomplishing more than you know. And to me it's significant that you had at least one person there honestly grappling with what you were revealing to them. These little cracks that we make in the wall spread over time.

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"Doug broke the silence. “I thought they have been proven to be safe and effective.”"

No technical college graduate should ever utter these words. This is an indication of a pernicious form of educational failure in which a mind is taught to be closed outside of a command line controlled by a post-graduate media.

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This was fascinating to read. Kudos to you for speaking so plainly about all of this to your classmates! Just four or five years ago, if anyone had spoken to me about 9/11 the way you did in this post, my mind would have shut down. My response would have been similar to that of your classmates. It frustrates me that it has taken so long for my eyes to open!

The most disappointing thing about the conversations you describe is the scripted nature of the responses by these highly intelligent people, now compromised by the conditioning they have received via our government agencies and media. Thank you for speaking up and for letting us all know how it went.

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Bless your heart for being willing to speak up. There really is no other option, but many have remained silent.

I am still dealing with people who won't speak to me, including frriends from many decades, but some are coming back slowly.

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I see the symmetry whilst it fell and finding bone fragments on the top of surrounding buildings could only mean explosions obliterated and sent debris out not down. My husband was there and saw the second tower fall as he left the Fulton Street subway. He is still so triggered by these images. Even today one of the many people he helped get home that day contacted him to let him know her son did a report on Michael and the heroic things he did that day. Its not "Never Forget" it's "Can't Forget" for him and for those who witnessed the US's attack on itself.

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Really well written. I was on the edge of my seat rooting for truth -- via you -- to penetrate.

The sentence that struck me the most was “the common factor on both of these outrageous ‘conspiracy theories’ was me.” To me, that evokes so well the loneliness of having looked into -- really researched -- something clearly dubious and questionable, only to be left with sadness upon realizing that a lot of people won't even consider for a minute that there might be anything amiss with mainstream narratives, and would rather change their previously high esteem of you than rethink their own beliefs.

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Today’s Coffee and Covid has a pretty convincing theory that the alien thing may be a scam that will be used to panic people before the elections—more mass mail-in ballots I guess.

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I have been following you on Covid issues, but I was surprised and pleased to see that you have an interest in 9/11 as well, and that one of my videos "spoke" to you! If any of your readers want to see more of where the "North Tower Exploding" video came from, go to http://911speakout.org.

(Speaking out fearlessly is obviously something else we have in common ... also South India, where I taught at Kodaikanal International School for several years.)

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The very last sentence in your discussion says it all.

I was in a room full of architects and engineers when we all saw the second tower fall, and everyone had a gut feeling that 'something was wrong with this picture'. No one stated any theories, but most of them thought what they were seeing was impossible, but there it was.

I worked at the Pentagon for a Summer in the late '80's architecturally surveying the entire 3rd floor with a team of Architects for eventual renovation planning. Having worked there and having lived in the DC area for over twenty years, I also knew it was impossible for a jet liner to approach the first floor of the Pentagon, at flying speed, and hit that level dead on.....impossible. Just as impossible as the narrative we've been fed all these years. The biggest crime in America, against America, by Americans probably.

Thank you Madhava Setty for your tenacious battle for truth, transparency and Disclosure. God willing the entire world gets to see Steven Greer's presentation on Disclosure at 2:00pm, June 12th at the National Press Club. Everyone should tell their Congressional Districts about this event.

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The truth is not convenient. A real friend or MIT bro will dig in and do their own research. Smart in biz silo, does not always carry . You rocked em Madhava. Nice. Talk to Kirsch, another MIT kid. Great day Madhava! Scott

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I usually start with building 7 - it *literally* fell at -9.8m/s^2.

Freefall acceleration means ALL of the gravitational potential energy is being converted to kinetic energy of motion; NONE of this energy is available to do any crushing, pulverizing etc.

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Always better to come out as a conspiracy theorist rather than coming out with myocarditis.

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We're on a similar journey. Thanks for the transparency about communication; it was helpful.

Whatever the truth is, we have to be able to have intelligent debates without name calling. Media, including alt media, has done a great job of amplifying alot of 9/11 nonsense and limited hangouts. 9/11 was a CRIME but was not investigated as such. And what there was has been memory holed. But I believe the truth is available for those with eyes to see.

They got away with an incomplete 9/11 analysis at best. I believe this led to their knowing they could get away with a harmful covid agenda. AIDS was a factor too. Plus with JFK and the U.S.S. Liberty. Everyone wants to 'get back to normal' after trauma. But we need smart people like you to continue to push for truth and accountability.

Thank you for your bravery and applying your gifts!

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Wow! Refreshing honesty, bravery and truth telling. The case you make is compelling to me. It’s astounding how others shut off. You got farther than I was expecting! Your example helps. Mucho thanks.

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You know the premise of the book “Blink”? That your first instinct is usually correct? My late Indian engineer father who stood first in high school and university and was educated at the finest institutions around the world, said to me, muttering under his breath, as we watched the towers fall on TV: “Those buildings came down too fast.”

We moved on and along with the mainstream narrative, until 2006 when I happened upon “Loose Change” on YouTube. I told my dad about it and he immediately believed this was something more sinister. My beautiful left-brained genius dad - deemed a brilliant visionary and intellectual by everyone who knew him - just KNEW it was bullshit. He wasn’t prone to conspiracies or religion or spirituality or any of that - but he knew and understood and FELT the truth.

Thank you for sharing this and for actually speaking up. I’m a doctor who gave up a while ago…

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